Linen. What do we know about it?

Do you know why linen products have been so popular for years?

Depending on what part of the plant you want to use, it has different uses. We obtain stalks for the production of fibres, seeds, for example, for the production of oil, which is used in gastronomy, cosmetology, agriculture and chemical industry. They also have medicinal properties.

Linen fabrics, when treated well enough, have a smooth surface, an exceptionally natural shine and are extremely pleasant to the touch. Strong weave of fibres makes the fabric very durable and resistant to stretching and friction. We can boldly wash and iron it at high temperatures without worrying that things made of linen will converge or destroy.

The interesting thing is that frequent washing enriches it. Linen fabric becomes softer and smoother. Linen clothes are therefore very economical because they are durable and buying them is a real investment for several good years. Each of us has probably convinced ourselves of the comfort of wearing linen clothes on hot days. It is the hygroscopic properties and thermoregulation of fibres that make our skin breathe and do not sweat. Meanwhile, at low temperatures, the fibres wrap us in warmth. It has been proven that the fibre can absorb up to 20% of its mass of moisture, still remaining dry. That is why linen canvas is always felt fresh and cool. It also protects the human body from sunlight.

Wearing linen clothes helps to get rid of some skin diseases - from rash to chronic eczema. Linen linen bedding and underwear is the best solution for allergy sufferers, as the fibres have anti-fungal and anti-allergic properties. Sleeping in such bedding:

* our sleep is deeper

* the body regenerates faster, which means... *

* we wake up more relaxed

* fatigue is reduced and...

* definitely improves the mood!

How nice it is to wake up in a naturally scented bedding on a beautiful July morning . The fact that flax decomposes completely and leaves no hazardous waste for our planet is due to the vegetable fibres it is made of. We can call it a 100% organic product. It has also received recognition in the spirit of the "zero waste" trend, because of the linen things that we are already bored with, we can make bags that will replace plastic or dish cloths. All linen products are the best way to store food, which will protect against quick spoilage. Like no other material, it is exceptionally friendly to our skin and environment. The only drawback for some may be that flax is easy to crumple and difficult to iron, but you can turn a blind eye to it. 

For me it is an advantage, because it adds an unforced style, and that fresh natural scent that greets me every morning in my studio...

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