Bag of things is a brand that values quality and minimalism. In a small workshop in western Poland we create simple and functional accessories, and our main goal is to eliminate plastic in favour of natural products.

The designer in Bag of things is Gosia, who creates with a great passion our ecological bags. Four lovely ladies, our dressmakers, help her in sewing and fulfilling her visions. We make bags by hand, each product from our collection is unique and unrepeatable.

We sew our bags from 100% organic fabrics. Flax and cotton, from which accessories are made, grow on fields not fertilized with pesticides. Currently, the use of chemical plant protection products and fertilizers is a common method of accelerating plant growth. Flax is an organic material, without synthetic admixtures it is completely biodegradable. During the possible dyeing process, natural dyes such as clay are used.

Jute fabric is a strong and abrasion resistant fibre. The fabric texture is rough and slightly stiff. Jute owes its special role to its great tensile strength and air circulation. Bread stored in it will retain its freshness for a long time. It is valued as an environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable raw material. What is best about jute? Glow, smell and severity, but it needs proper care. The material should be washed separately, in lukewarm water, using mild agents. The safest way is to wash it by hand, without using artificial detergents. Do not tumble-dry, do not expose to direct sunlight.

Our bags are an alternative to all kinds of disposable plastic bags flooding our planet.

We prove that ecological accessories do not have to be boring and unsightly. Each of our bags is unique and refined in the smallest detail. Our bags are lightweight, allowing you to buy fruit and vegetables in the supermarket or marketplace without weighing problems. By changing our habits you will contribute to eliminating disposable plastic bags from your life and start a zero waste adventure. In addition to unpackaged fruit, you can also buy bread and rolls in your local bakery, all kinds of weight products and bulk products in the increasingly popular unpackaged shops. 

The high quality of workmanship guarantees that the bags you buy will serve you for many years.

BAG of THINGS | Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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